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Designed to reduce machine downtime during job setup on horizontal and vertical turning lathes this system can be used to measure tool position height and length that you can input into your control. Minimize downtime during setup by presetting tools outside of the machine during cycling. This onsite gaging system eliminates time spent travelling to the inspection room at the other end of the shop. The small 12 inch x 18 inch footprint makes this a portable unit that could be shared by operators or ideal for every machine with its economical price. The complete Hardinge VDI Tool Presetter System includes: 12 inch manual height gage (.001 inch dial graduation with dual digital counters) Centerline block for over and under touch off 12 inch x 18 inch x 3 inch granite surface plate Choice of VDI30 or 40 toolholder block designed for use with Hardinge VDI30 or 40 toolholders (DIN69880 standard) 6mm Allen Wrench.
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