Samsys MiJet Wash Kit 8-ANG-34-35-39

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Combination Kit with fine mesh parts basket and dolly. MiJET®, Angled 8″ dia. Model with Silvent Low Noise Nozzle, Dolly, and Fine Mesh, Single Handled Parts Basket.

Benefits & Features:

  • This is the most popular combination of standalone MiJET® items sold.
  • Recommended for parts that are 5 inches or smaller
  • Ready to use with one existing air line.
  • Includes Prevost OSHA compliant air nozzle and 13 ft. spiral hose with swivel end fitting.
  • Small footprint (14" diameter).
  • Portable for more than one application.
  • No electricity required.

How it works:

With one actuation, the MiJET™ air gun trigger starts two processes:

  1. While holding the MiJET™ air nozzle above inlet pipe, pulling the trigger drives air to blow residue off a part.
  2. Simultaneously, the MiJET™ creates suction, pulling lubricant, chips, and air downward, capturing the residue.

Exhaust air is filtered before exiting MiJET™.

Industries Served:

  • Medical manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Injection molding
  • Job shops
  • Commercial food preparation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Automotive garages
  • Laboratories
  • Colleges, universities, high schools

Technical Data:

  • Suction: 500 CFM
  • Reservoir capacity: 15 gallons
  • Height: 38.8 in., Diameter: 14 in.
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Inlet pipe opening: 12.0 inches
  • Sound level: < 86 dB (A)
  • Air requirements: 35 CFM @ 90 psi 


  • 14-8FL-545 8" dia. MiJET® - Angled Top
  • 13-070: MiJET® Dolly
  • 13-039: Stainless Steel Parts Basket for 8" dia. MiJET® - Angled Top
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