TF-Type Rotary Tables TAP

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Center height increase (option)

Depending on the accessories involved (clamping cylinder, rotary union, angular position measuring system...), a center height increase (dimension D) is required.

The limit values as set out in the corresponding parameter list take precedence over the data and information provided in the main catalog (due to motor, drive enhancement and the respective machine CNC)

Motor-dependent data are optimum values at operating temperature


Motor, cable, angular position measuring system and pL CNC


GET.5xx-GEN - Increased gear precision 1)

GEO.5xx-GEN - Incr. geometric precision, ½ standard tolerance

SPI.5xx-Lab 2) - Spindle seal with labyrinth, integrated sealing air pressure control

MOT.520-LNG - long motor housing

SWB.510-180, SWB.520-180, SWB.530-180 - Tilting range max. 230°; set to 180°

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