Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables allow machine shops to increase their production and meet their customer’s demand for quicker lead times while manufacturing increasingly complex components.

CNC Rotary Tables UCAM

Production of a machine shop is restricted by the limited floor space the facility has. Due to this issue, Hyfore Workholding has seen an increase in customers looking to invest in 4th axis and 5th axis rotary tables.

Customers approach us from a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to, automotive, aerospace, medical and packaging sectors. In these industries, high precision parts are increasingly in demand, with small batch orders also being popular.

A typical customer would be a CNC machinist who already has a 3-axis machine but is looking for greater flexibility, without having to spend a considerable amount of money on a 5-axis machine. For example, the software, motors, cables and rotary table could cost between £25k and £30k, compared to a new machine starting from £140K.

Hyfore’s strategic partnership with UCAM has seen us become an exclusive UK distributor for their precision CNC Rotary Tables.

UCAM’s CNC Rotary Tables are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance. The tilting capability allows components to manoeuvre 360 degrees, so that the cutting tool can machine on all five sides, reducing secondary and third operations in the process.

CNC Rotary tables are an effectivecomponent for increasing production machine shops. Adding an extra dimension to your capabilities at a relatively low cost.

Hyfore sell a wide variety of rotary tables including rotary Indexers, 4th axis, multi-spindle, 5th axis and direct drive.

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