Lathe Tooling

Below you will find an extensive range of products, suitable for all your lathe tooling needs. We provide a series of driven and static holders by Nakamura-Tome, appropriate for the majority of CNC turning centres with tool configurations that suit almost any application. This includes single/double axial boring bar holders, radial static tools and adjustable ±90° angle tools

Alongside this, we have a substantial variety of VDI toolholders, including:

ER Collet Chucks: Available from VDI16 ER16 to VDI60 ER40

Radial Holder: Available from B1 VDI16 to B8 VDI80, in sizes ranging from 12-40mm

Axial Holder: Available from C1 VDI16 to C4 VDI20, in sizes ranging from 12-40mm

Double: Available from D1 VDI30 to D2 BDI25, in sizes ranging 16-40mm

U-Drill Holder: Available from E1 VDI20 to E1 VDI60, in sizes ranging from 6-50mm.

Boring Holders: Available from E2 VDI16 to E2 VDI25, in sizes ranging from 6-50mm

Double Borning Holder: Available from E7 VDI20 to E7 VDI50, in sizes ranging from 16-50mm

Morse Taper Holder: Available from VDI16 Morse 1 to BDI60 Morse 5

Rotary Bar Stop: VDI20 to VDI50, in sizes ranging from 34-56mm

Bar Puller: Available from VDI16 to VDI125, alongside H125K to H160K

Cut-Off Holder: Available from VDI20 to VDI60, in sizes ranging from 26-32mm.


These can also be purchased in a VDI Tooling Pack.