The Hardinge Super-Precision Master Expanding Collet is a valuable aid for close tolerance machining. There is no end movement of the master expanding collet or pads. The collet threads are separate from the collet body and pull back to operate the expander. The shoulder on the machineable pads locates the work for Dead-Length control for facing repetitive parts to the same length. No spindle nose cap is required. The master collet is hardened and ground. The pads are soft for turning in the machine spindle for exacting concentricity. Depending on job application pads may be machined for internal gripping from 1/4 inch to 3 inch ID. The limit ring is used to hold nominal size while turning pads to desired diameter. Pad segments and master collet are stamped A B and C for replacement positioning and machineable pads may be remachined for subsequently required smaller diameters.
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