Hyfore Workholding is the UK distributor for Halter CNC Automation, the Netherlands based supplier of machine tool robotic loading and unloading systems. Halter offers a further dimension to its turnkey, FMS and machine automation capabilities which are increasingly an integral part of customer specifications.

Best known for its ‘Load Assistant’ which uses a Fanuc robot arm with the Halter smart control and smart loading system, Halter CNC Automation has over 25 years’ experience in supplying robotic solutions to increase the productivity of machining centres.

A feature of Halter automation systems is the simplicity of smart control programming system which does not require previous robotic experience. It is a universal system for both CNC lathes and CNC machining centres.


Immediately increase profits with the right automation!

The market for you, as a business in the metalworking industry, has changed significantly in recent years. Your customers have become more demanding than even before. They expect you to supply at competitive prices, but they also demand smaller batch sizes and shorter delivery times. At the same time you have to deal with rising labor costs and a lack of CNC operators. You need these operators for skilled labor, not simple repetitive jobs. The only way to resolve these challenges is to choose the right automation. For small to large batch sizes this should be an automation system that is fast to set up and easy to integrate into existing processes.


Easy loading system with short set-up times

The HALTER LoadAssistant has been developed based on HALTER CNC Automation’s many years of experience in the metalworking industry and in production automation. It is a smart and sophisticated system and it does exactly what it is designed to do: load your CNC machine with small and medium batches. The system is very fast to set up and you don’t need any knowledge about robots to operate it. Would you like to immediately increase your profits like many other companies have already done? Do you want to invest in a system that provides years of trouble-free loading of your CNC machines, even with smaller batch sizes? Then choose the HALTER LoadAssistant and get in touch with us today!

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