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  • Midaco


    Founded in 1969, Midaco is a leading global manufacturer of innovative products that are designed to save manufacturing time; increase output and give your company a competitive edge while realizing additional profit. Our products include a full line of state-of-the-art pallet changers and supplemental items for CNC machining centers to ensure our customers receive the most out of their investment.

  • Hardinge


    Hardinge is the world’s largest manufacturer of spindle tooling. With over a century of experience, we are your trusted partner for all workholding applications. Hardinge collets are renowned for their accuracy and durability with the best total indicator reading (TIR) in the industry.

  • Buck


    Buck Chuck USA continues to remain the industry standard for quality. For over 75 years Buck Chuck USA has engineered and built the finest Workholding products. In 2013 Buck Chuck became part of the Hardinge Group of companies, serving the Workholding Market Worldwide offering a complete line of High Quality Workholding.

  • Spreitzer


    The name “SPREITZER Precision Tools” stands for the development, construction and production of complex system solutions in the field of clamping and measuring since 1983. Our areas of performance stretch from modular clamping systems and modular construction systems for machining centres to manual quality control and construction of special devices, touching on mechanical clamping systems along the way.

  • Matrix


    Since it was founded in 1997, MATRIX GmbH has been a developer or mold clamping systems. The idea of developing clamping jaws based on the pin cushion principle was the first step towards a true innovation.

  • UCAM


    CAM specializes into manufacturing of precision CNC Rotary Tables, Index Tables and Pallet Changing Solutions for Machine Tool applications.

    UCAM products are known for their quality, reliability and performance in challenging and high demanding applications in various industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical & Orthopedic Implants, Oil & Gas exploration, Pumps & Valves, General Engineering etc.

    Use of State of the Art, cutting edge technology, continuous product innovation through R&D and pro-active Customer relation management has made UCAM a global brand in the Machine Tool industry.

    An ISO 9001 Company, UCAM is focused towards delivering quality products to its Customers.

  • Bridgeport
  • Acrow


    Acrow was founded in 1985 with their factory being located at Taichung City, Taiwan. They are a leading specialist manufacturer of CNC Tooling Systems in Taiwan. Their factory is over 7,500 m2. Acrow installs CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and CNC grinding machines to manufacturers and inspection is carried out with electronic air gauges, numerical control machines and other high precision inspection instruments.

  • Samsys


    Samsys is a dynamic company, full of new ideas and high-quality products. Today’s Samsys GmbH was originally founded by the Swiss company Samsys SA (then: Sameca SA) and has extensive experience in the area of bar feeders and loading magazines.

  • Kosmek


    KOSMEK Japan has more than 30 years experience of clamping solution for Work Holding, Mold- and Die-Change, Press and Factory Automation. Optimisation is the Value in machining through innovative & patented KOSMEK clamping technology.

  • pL Lehmann

    pL Lehmann

    pL LEHMANN has been developing and producing CNC rotary tables for over 40 years. – genuine SWISS QUALITY. The experience gained is incorporated into our products and services. With innovative CNC rotary axes, organized in a standard modular system, pL LEHMANN want to meet the international needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized workpieces in the machining industry by satisfying individual requirements with appropriate combinations.

  • Llambrich


    Llambrich® originated from the province of Barcelona, Spain, has been designing, engineering and manufacturing drill chucks for industrial and medical use since 1957. Llambrich’s name stands for quality and innovative design worldwide, and are proud to hold both ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certifications.

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