Samsys Belt Filters Unimag PFA

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Our Profluid oil separators clean the cooling water of your metal processing machine in approximately 2 hours. These oil separators are very easy to operate and maintain.

The oil separators are a porous filter to separate the oil from the cooling water. The porous filter has a highly effective separating capacity without quickly getting blocked up. The difference in viscosity causes the oil to rise to the surface so that it can easily be separated and disposed of. 

Benefits of using oil filters

  • Separate oil from cooling water in approximately 2 hours
  • No more foul-smelling cooling water
  • Prevents (and aids recovery from) coolant-related health problems
  • Prevents work piece corrosion
  • Less wear in machine components

Paper band filters (PFA series) have been used for many years in many different applications. Due to the high filtration rate, autonomous operation and low operating costs, paper belt filters are already installed in a large number of workshops. Due to the build-up of dirt on the filter membrane, better known as 'filter cake', the final filter accuracy will increase.

The paper belt filters are mainly used in machine tools where aluminum and cast iron are machined. The belt filter is also frequently used for grinding and honing in order to obtain an optimum surface roughness (RA) in this way. 

Model - PFA-20 – PFA-500
Capacity - 20 l / min – 500 l / min
Tank volume - 100 l – 980 l
Motor - 25 W – 60 W
Filter paper - B: 500mm / L: 90M - B: 1000mm / L: 90M
Dimensions - 1050x720x660 - 3240x1330x740
Color - Dark gray

The paper filters are available in nine different capacities. Customer specific wishes are also possible. Within this PFA series there is always a paper filter applicable for your lathe, milling machine and / or grinding machine.

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