5C2 Rotary Indexer Quad

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The 5C2 Rotary System is based on a long history of Hardinge 5C spindle and manual indexer designs. Over 60 years of Hardinge-engineered and proven mechanical elements guarantee an accurate, repeatable, reliable and flexible product.

Standard Features

Curved front casting and removable handle for increased spindle clearance and better tool access

  • Rapid indexing speed up to 360° per second • ±5 arc-sec Repeatability
  • ±25 arc sec Accuracy • .0002" (.005mm) Maximum runout (TIR)
  • Robust, dual-bearing spindle accommodates heavy axial and radial loads with the ability to run a triple or quad unit with tailstocks
  • Brushless motor • Industry compatible – same spindle centerline, foot print and tool clearance as previous Hardinge products and other US-made brands for direct replacement 
  • Single, dual, triple and quad spindle configurations
  • Operate with the Hardinge all-digital servo control or interface to your machine
  • Uses standard 5C collets, Sure-Grip® expanding collets, step chucks and manual jaw chucks


  • Collet closers – manual, pneumatic fail-safe through-hole and pneumatic high-force
  • Tailstocks and plate trunnions 
  • Quill Switch for Bridgeport® knee mill to automate the indexing process 
  • Manual drawbar for each spindle for multi-spindle units 
  • Preset tailstock and indexer combinations – self-contained units mounted on a subplate for easy placement on and off the machine table to maintain factory tolerances 
  • Complete array of Hardinge spindle tooling

Preset Tailstock and Rotary Combinations

SINGLE: Pneumatic Tailstock with valve, Pneumatic Rotary Unit, Double Mounting Plate and Servo Control

DUAL: Two Pneumatic Tailstocks with valving, Dual-unit Pneumatic Rotary Unit, Double Mounting Plate and Indexer Control 

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