Machine Vices

Self-centering machine vices for precision workholding

Compact mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, as well as electro-mechanical centre-clamping vices in different sizes and assembly variations, enable precise machining of workpieces on the given symmetric and rotation axis.

Centre-clamping vices are used as the prime vice solution for production on conventional and CNC machines.

Machine Vices:

Hyfore offers you the prime vice solution for production using conventional and CNC machines. Browse our collection of self-centering machine vices for precision workholding, manufactured by Spreitzer. These can be used with your current machine tools and can be easily and securely fastened to a drill press or milling machine, leaving the users hands free and reducing the risk associated with machine operation. The main products we carry are the following:

MZR- Mechanical centre-clamping vices that are used as a cost-effective solution for powerful raw material clamping.  There is no need for pre-stamping and can be used on multi-axis machining centres and automation systems, with the rigid base body being optimised for 5-axis. These are best suited for use where maximum centering and repetition accuracy is not required. The units include one-piece reversible jaws with integrated grip steps, allowing for clamping range to be easily altered and providing maximum length.

MZU- With the option of choosing reversible grip or soft block jaws, the MZU vice series allows the user a high level of flexibility and accessibility for multi-axis machining centres, even for short cutting tools. The reversible jaw distorts the surface of the workpiece, allowing for an increased holding force, with a protective coating applied to the product to eliminate the risk of premature wear and tear.

MZE- With a compact design, wide clamping range and exchangeable jaws, this powerful centre-clamping vice series provides a flexible and economical workholding solution for your multi-axis machining centres and automation systems. Recommended for use on raw materials and pallet automation.

MZQ- The MZQ vices allow for the quick changing and replacement of jaws without the use of tools. They are designed specifically for use within pallet automation and have over 80% less setup costs than other vices. With reversible step jaws, these products allow maximum accessibility and have a large clamping range. Ideal for daily repeated retooling and has significant time savings when used on automation systems.

Torque wrenches- Our robust wrenches allow for manual operation of the centre-clamping vices. They have an adjustable scale and are available in a selection of ranges from 4-350Nm.

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Stops- Our magnetic stops can be easily fastened to your chosen series of centre-clamping vice. Bottom of Form