The Style S Master Collet overcomes all of the problems associated with master collets. When loading bars the rugged shoulder of the pad locates against the front of the groove in the master collet. There are no set screws or clamps to be damaged or loosened. When a part is machined the working forces are against the rear shoulder of the pad which is located against the rear shoulder of the groove in the master collet. Again there are no screws or clamps to wear or break. The clamp which holds the pads captivated in the collet literally floats longitudinally assuring that there is never any pressure on the clamp. There are no holes in the OD of the master collet or on the ID of the pads resulting in maximum bearing on the workpiece and the spindle collet seal. When Style S collets are used there will never be high spots on the spindle collet seat caused by the master collet and pad design.
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Manufacturer Hardinge
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